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Do I need to have an established business to work with you?

Nope. We work with all entrepreneurs, no matter the stage of business development.

If you have a business idea you would like us to help you bring to life, you are most welcome to book a free 30 min strategy call.

None of your packages meet my budget, are there other options available?

Our packages are developed based on our knowledge of the amount of time and effort it takes to properly serve you in a way that actually produces results. Our Starter Plan has been significantly discounted in order to offer all entrepreneurs a cost-effective way to begin to increase sales in the short term. This is by far the best way to generate more income to contribute to further marketing and growth.  

How do you operate during Covid-19 restrictions?

Most of the work is done online, through digital marketing, online meetings, email, and WhatsApp.

If you have a physical premises where you see customers face-to-face we will only need to do one site visit in the beginning and potential site visits if and when site-related marketing activities are implemented. 

What results have you produced for others?

We have produced significant results for all our previous clients, taking some (like Potable and Bargainby) from ground 0 (business idea) all the way to being a thriving business with regular monthly customers.

For others, like Elite Chess we have increased their monthly income by 500% in a few months, and for others like 2Can Carpentry we have helped them shift into digital in order to gain new customers through Google web searches. 

How about you, how would you like to grow?

What if I select a package and then am unable to pay for one month?

This would be dependent on the package you select and where we are in the marketing process.

If this should happen in the planning stages it would not be a problem because we could simply resume the planning once you are able to resume payment.

However, once marketing is being implemented (like a live promotion) there is an ongoing management and administration component which we would need to be covered. 

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