TripAdvisor Management (T2T)

TripAdvisor Management (T2T)



To increase the presence of the Take 2 Tours brand on the TripAdvisor online community.


  • Make Friends: Brand Shepherd will write reviews for hotels, private accommodations and hot spot tourist destinations within Cape Town on behalf of Take 2 Tours.
  • Increase Reviews: Encourage Take2Tours clients to write a review about their experience, and include a link to the Take2Tours website.
  • Question & Complaint handling: Being on the look-our for questions related to the brand and its services and manage any complaints and compliments given by previous clients via direct feedback on posted reviews.
  • Give Advice: Often people ask travel related questions on the TripAdvisor forum. Answering these questions promptly and knowledgeably will position Take 2 Tours as a credible tour operator.


Although this is an ongoing process, Take 2 Tours is growing in influence and credibility on the TripAdvisor community with every month.