Share Africa Travel

T-Shirt Design


Design a local African T-Shirt that the Share Africa Travel team can wear at their first Cape Town Culture & Club event: Students go to Khayelitsha. The design should be “cool” enough for students and tourists to want to buy while at the same time representing Share Africa Travel.


A range of different concepts were considered and researched to determine which design would be able to offer the many different desired aspects in one trendy yet simple t-shirt design.

In the end, a clever word-based image was chosen to represent what tourism and Share Africa Travel stand for by carefully choosing words that represent the brand. These words were designed in the shape of the African continent to create a visual symbol that would immediately speak of Africa. Lastly, the word-based image was coloured in the corporate colours of Share Africa Travel and the compnay logo was used symbolically as a sun shining down on the African plains.


See what Share Africa Travel had to say about their new T-Shirts: