So you want to start av new business...?

Solutions for Start Ups

Starting a new business is probably one of the most challenging things one can ever do. Every aspect of it is filled with risk and uncertainty. At Brand Shepherd, we understand the realities of starting a new business. We know what potential challenges the business could face and can therefore assist in guiding the business in such a way that allows it to grow effectively.

Additional to consulting with the new business team, we offer a range of practical services that can help the business get on their feet in no-time. The most important Marketing fundamentals a start-up needs in this day and age are:

  1. A Corporate Identity (Includes a logo, business cards, Email footers, letter head and invoice design)
  2. An online Presence (Includes domain registration, email addresses, and website design)
  3. A Business Profile (Includes an outline of the business idea, as well as rough plan for operations, marketing, finance, and HR)

Brand Shepherd can have all of these ready for you and your team to use in a matter of 2-4 weeks.  Without having to wait many months to get the fundamentals going, your business can get off to a swimming start and give you and your team the momentum you need to start making money.

Please enquire to get an idea of special rates and financial solutions for start-ups.