Social Media (CWR)

Social Media (CWR)


To set up and manage all online communications for Prince Harry the Hippo.


  1. We firstly set up all the needed platforms (see below).
  2. After this we populated them all with all the relevant information and media and linked them to one another.
  3. We then managed all Prince Harry’s social media elements on behalf of the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

This involved the following:

  • Daily Facebook posts and replies to comments. (See here: Facebook Page)
  • Daily twitter tweets, follows, retweets, and picture uploads. (See Twitter Page)
  • You Tube video uploads, promotion, and comment management. (See You Tube Channel)
  • Google Alert monitoring and Delicious bookmarking. (See Delicious Stack)
  • Pinterest board development and social interaction. (See  {Pinterest Board)
  • Social Media Monitoring with statistics. (Examples of Social Media Monitoring Tools Hoot SuiteSprout Social)


Through strategic and consistent social media management, the Cango Wildlife Ranch was able to:

  • Grew Facebook likes by 100% in 30 days
  • Grew his twitter page to 177 followers in 30 days
  • Grew his Pinterest board and following
  • Gave the public and press relevant social information and media to engage with.
  • Kept Harry’s fans happy and engaged with a daily dose of #HippoLove
Ultimately, what we gave the Cango Wildlife Ranch was the platforms and support they needed to manage Prince Harry the Hippo’s overnight fame in a way that was beneficial to their business.