Jul 16

New and improved Brand Shepherd Website

The wait is finally over! And many in the Brand Shepherd team shed a sigh of relief…

For the last 2 months, we here at Brand Shepherd have been working tirelessly on setting up a new highly functional and technically awesome website for the agency. Although the website has always run on the WordPress platform, it has not had all the needed aspects that a growing marketing agency requires.

For one, it did not have a functional “portfolio” page with an easy way of adding new work. This is very important for any agency. Usually, the first thing any new client asks is “Can I see your work?” It is even more important to them than your pricing. Why? Well, people want to see the goods. That is how they determine if your pricing is fair, or if you are even worth their time and energy to begin with. So, having a fully functioning and elegantly looking portfolio is fundamental to any creative business. And now, we have one…

Secondly, it needed more functional flexibility. There are many free WordPress themes and frameworks out there. Some are good, and others are just plain terrible. When we need to work with a free theme, (usually because of the clients’ budget constraints), we try to find one that is functional while also good looking. We are quite “specific” when it comes to brand positioning, and so we feel that it is important to have a well designed theme that presents a modern and fresh look and feel – especially in today’s online environment. People are used to clean and elegant design these days, (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc…) and for that reason, it is important to position your brand in a way that will relate to today’s consumers. And one’s website is probably one of the main positioning tools. Today people “Google” you before doing anything else. And as we know “First impressions last…”

So, we decided to go with paid-for theme from Themefuse that is both functionally brilliant and visually elegant. Themefuse have built a great WordPress framework that gives developers a lot of functionality.The framework offers, among other things, multiple shortcodes, a newsletter management tool, and the best of all, an individualised sidebar widget area for each page, post or category. It really does make life a lot easier and simpler. From our side, we highly recommend their framework. Not to mention their above average online support. They reply to any query (week or weekend) in a matter of 24-48 hours. They are definitely one of our preferred WordPress theme partners.

Besides the great Portfolio section and top-of-the-notch functionality and design, Brand Shepherd’s new website gives browsers a unique integrated social experience. Many portfolio elements have direct links to the respective brand’s social media pages. Some even have them directly embedded into the page for ease of engagement. This means that browsers don’t always have to click away to review one of our client’s brands, but instead they can just interact with the brand right from the comfort of the Brand Shepherd home site. (You can review it on this Social Media portfolio item). The new site is filled with embedded goodies from Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social media sites. So be sure to keep a look out for them as you browse the site.

We at Brand Shepherd are very excited to see how our new site is welcomed by our clients, partners, and fans. So please let us know what you think by commenting on this post or by Facebooking us. We trust that you will enjoy browsing through it and enjoying all the great content we put up for you.  Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get all future posts. There will be 2-4 every month covering things like web development, branding, design, strategy, and a range of marketing related topics.

We trust that you will enjoy our new and improved Brand Shepherd Website!

Yours in Marketing Excellence…

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Dylan is a marketing entrepreneur and social innovator working, living and lecturing in the city of Cape Town. He is passionate about graduate entrepreneurship, small business growth and wide-reaching and influencing strategic innovation. He blogs here at Brand Shepherd and likes a regular cup of strong cylon tea...