Internships meet Entrepreneurship!!!

Graduate Internpreneurships

Brand Shepherd has a passion for skills development in South Africa. Only with the right tools can a nation rebuild itself and can a people really work.

For this reason, Brand Shepherd has designed a programme that imparts vital practical marketing skills into graduates during a 1 year internpreneurship. This is not your average “internship” because it goes beyond what a traditional internship would do. It does not only focus on teaching graduates how to do a specific job within one type of business, but it also impart vital entrepreneurial skills.

We have developed a company culture that is not based on being an employee but rather based on being an entrepreneur. In fact, we do not allow employees in our business, only entrepreneurs. For that reason, we have built incentives into the business that allows staff to make commissions on any job/project they are involved in. This creates a culture of innovation that motivates people to go out there and apply themselves creativity. And because this is built into the company structure, business model and culture it is naturally passed on to graduate interns.

All interns get a chance to work very closely with marketing entrepreneurs that are already active and successful and for that reason can learn on the job while being mentored. They get trained on various practical marketing applications that give them hard skills with which to make money. They are brought into a team of skilled professionals and put to work on client jobs from the beginning. They are encouraged to think entrepreneurially and are taught how to leverage their contact base for entrepreneurial purposes. They are also stretched beyond what they are used to because they are not paid a salary but need to earn money in the same way everybody else in the business does.

Additionally, all interns are walked with quite closely and helped by our training consultants to express their vision and pursue their desires. They are taught how to leverage what they have around them and in their hands in and move in the direction of their future vision for their lives. Essentially, they are taught how to hustle. There are many ways to make money, and graduates get taught how to do so on their own through collaborating with other like-minded people.

If you are interested in hearing more about the programme or are a graduate yourself and would like to join us for the year after graduating, please drop us a line and we would be happy to give you some more information.