Who we are...?

About Us

Brand Shepherd is a dynamic strategic marketing and communications agency situated in Cape Town. From social media, public relations, and web development, to new business planning, marketing strategy, and brand development; we offer a holistic solution that is both long-term and immediate in its scope.

Our Difference

Brand Shepherd is young, fresh and innovative. Why? Because we employ young, fresh, and innovative people. We are a unique bunch that have grown up in both the old and the new. We therefore have a special advantage in that we understand and can communicate with both the traditional and digital generations. Additionally, we are not simply agency minded, but entrepreneurially oriented. That means that we are not only thinking about your customers, but also about your bottom line.

We ensure that everything we do blends into a business strategy that serves both immediate results as well as long term business growth. The idea is to serve and shepherd your brand in such a way that it achieves long-term return on investment as well as accomplish the unique vision that you have for it, all while driving referrals, enquiries, and basically anything and everything that will increase sales and ensure short-term marketing results.

At the core of our approach, we ensure that we understand you, your business, and your customers so that we can help you blend everything you do and communicate into a coherent and cohesive harmony that strengthens current relationships, opens up new markets, and brings your customers back again and again.

Why not have a look at our portfolio to get a feel of what we have done.